RÉSISTANCE II is the second event as part of general project Cenizas (traduction from spanish ashes). Ashes mean for me transformation. They represent the result of something that has gone and at the same time a very nurrising mattery. Ashes are a symbol of life, life is movement, life is unity, life is itself in a continous transformation.

Nowadays we are living disconected from ourselves, from both mental and body. The education received during the childhood and specialy the way of learning that we have in contemporary societies, creates a way of being and thinking as adults totaly disconnected from our real needs and emotions. However we are perfectly prepared to be managed by others and what maybe it worse managed by things for the rest of our lives.

We are dependents, adicts of the illusion of having some control on ourselves and on others, so going and going against natural life process itself.

Frutario, fantastic fruits and tales.

New fanzine by Tes Ibáñez.

Edited by Le Garage 75020 Paris Produced in art residency program at Centro Negra. Supported by AADK Spain in November 2015. Bilingual version Spanish/English.

I was living for a month in Blanca a small village in Murcia, a wellknown spanish province as one of the biggest and more productive industrial vegetable gardens in Europe. Looking to spend some time working in small vegetable family gardens, interested for stories about having a life much more conected with nature than myone living in a big city. After some talks I begin to write some fantasy tales inspired on our conversations and where the characters are all real fruits.

Open Wednesday through Saturday 14:00 - 19:00

Part of the Monat der Photographie Off Berlin