Simon Findlay

Vernissage: Thursday, July 5, 7 pm to 10 pm

Opening Times: July 6 - 18 in the afternoons, closed Mondays

Simon Findlay often finds his head exploding and his body on fire. In order to ground himself he interacts in a physical way with the world; painting, music, massage and dancing.

Working with paint on large canvases, Findlay begins with a powerful erraticness that gradually shifts into controlled composition. For medium and smaller pieces they are layered with paint or pens over several sessions.

Having studied as a massage therapist, Findlay worked at a yoga studio and a multidisciplinary clinic in Australia, and is currently working as a sports massage therapist at gym/spa in Berlin.

Throughout all the waves of moods that Findlay feels, consistently he is exuberant, passionate, and curious. His life and work is about human interactions, studying psychology and science fed this love for people.

A multi-instrumentalist (drums/flute/synth/vocals/samples/electronics), his solo project Kakariko is music to make you move and synchronize your body with others. It blends influence from 80s pop songs and nine minute club tracks. Live it is a mess of synths, screams, and sparkles. His band Cloud Kinski perform live electronic music for clubs and festivals in and around Berlin.

Australian artist Simon Findlay lives in Berlin. He studied Graduate Diploma in Psychology(Deakin University), Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage(Evolve College), and Bachelor of Science(University of Melbourne).