Swinton Gallery will move to Berlin during summer. Summer is here and “Swinton Gallery” moves to Germany’s Capital city, to show the work of it’s artists. Neukölln neighborhood will host our Gallery. “SWINTON GALLERY - BERLIN SUMMER EDITION” will be open for more than three weeks during August:

AUGUST 5th - 11th: SANER @saner_edgar (MX) ALANIZ @alanizart (ARG) LAGUNA / RYUJI SATO (SPN) (JPN) BLO @blo_dmv (FR) KYLE HUGHES-ODGERS @kylehughesodgers (AUS) ANIMALITOLAND @animalitoland (ARG) VÍCTOR SOLANA @victor_solana (SPN) JUDAS ARRIETA @judas_arrieta (SPN) S.A.M. (SPN) ANTONIO FELIZ / PARSEC! @parsecute (SPN) OSKAR MARÍA RAMOS (SPN) PORFAVOR @porfavorhh (SPN)

AUGUST 12th - 18th: RALLITOX @rallitox (SPN) ANDRÉS SENRA @andressenra (SPN) RURRU MIPANOCHIA @rurrumipanocha (MX) PACO Y MANOLO (SPN) @paco_y_manolo RAISA MAUDIT @raisamaudit (SPN) DOSJOTAS (SPN) @dosjotas2js JOSÉ SALGUERO @josesalguero1 (SPN)

AUGUST 19th - 27th: ROBERT HARDGRAVE (US) @hardgraverw DAVID DE LA MANO @daviddelamano_ (SPN) BLAQK @blaqk_2 (GRE) SEIKON @seikon87 (POL) PABLO S. HERRERO @pablosherrero (SPN) JAVIER IGLESIAS “GNOSICK” @gnosick (SPN) E1000 @e1000_ (SPN) ESSU @esustosssu (JP) DON FORTY @donforty (GRE) SPIDERTAG @spidertag (ARG) ANTONYO MAREST (SPN) @antonyomarest MARIO MANKEY @mariomankey (SPN) TIM BARNARD @timbarnardart (CAN)

Besides this, a great selection of books from our bookstore “Ciudadano Grant” will be available at the space. A selection of art books based on the free and advanced art that is the main focus of our bookstore in Madrid, from both stablished publishers and self edition producers. All the three openings will count on musical and artistic events, performances and actions by artists related to Swinton Gallery.

Opening Hours:

Tu-Fr: 17.00-20.00 h

Sa: 12.00-18.00 h.

On appointment: aloha@swintonandgrant.com