Don't Be Afraid

Milena Jovićević

Two Part Exhibition at Retramp and Das Gift

Through different techniques Milena Jovićević expound the problems of the gender ratio. In exuberant drawings and animations Jovićević creates an unconventional and aggressively funny version of the story of Adam and Eve and Biblical theme of Genesis. Her story becomes a constant game of genders, interlacement of senses, wandering of imaginary through Eros as one of the possible paths of understanding and paths to the end. Encounter and interaction is not always just the joy of giving, taking and creation but it is the issue and another dimension- aggression. Milena leaves the viewer the opportunity to imagine own content nearest to his perception and to give the meaning that is extremely personal. Simultaneously, we are introduced in the virtual world of icons by meditation between old truths and new experiences. Swing and swinging in her drawings and animations have so many symbolic interpretations. One of them is related to traditional culture (prosperity of individuals and community, marriage and health of those who are swinging, harvest of agriculture). Swinging has immediate identification with sexual- erotic spheres and coitus, but behind the pleasure of swinging there is also a danger. Dangerous swing, made of barbed wire hurts, kills those who are swinging on it. The question is: Is that a path that we have to take anyway?

Opening: Friday, April 11, 7 pm

Opening hours: We/Th/Fr/Sat 4 pm to 7 pm

Closes April 27th



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